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Join the Fight for Bushwick Inlet Park

by GWAPP on

As heard at the recent Town Hall and reported in The New York Times, the Williamsburg/Greenpoint communities are fighting to transform Norman Brodsky’s waterfront property into public parkland, as promised in the 2005 rezoning. A decade since the rezoning – with just a slice of Bushwick Inlet Park developed – last January’s CitiStorage fire has reignited the “Where’s… READ MORE

City Council Recap: Greenpoint Landing ULURP

by GWAPP on

Last week, the City Council’s Subcommittee on Planning, Dispositions & Concessions met to discuss the Greenpoint Landing ULURP requests. There is a video of the meeting online. I’ve included timestamps on the recap (not a transcription) below, so you can jump through the video to the parts that interest you. Use the links below to… READ MORE

ULURP Watch: BBP Approves with Modifications GPL and 77 Commercial

by GWAPP on

Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz, made his recommendation on Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial St’s ULURP requests. He has Approved with Modifications both projects. Below you can view the original documents as well as some noted highlights. Greenpoint Landing PUBLIC HEARING The Borough President held his public hearing on these applications on September 17, 2013.… READ MORE

ULURP Watch: BBP Decision is… and CPC Public Hearing Date

by Heather Van De Mark on

Hopefully, everyone’s getting ready to delve into the $19.5 million Exxon Mobile Settlement, aka the Environmental Benefits Project, aka the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) program. But the fight isn’t over yet with Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial St.’s ULURP actions. Let’s get ready to multi-task Greenpoint! Where does Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial St.… READ MORE

Borough President’s Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Public Hearing: Videos & Recap

by Heather Van De Mark on

If you weren’t able to attend Tuesday’s Brooklyn Borough President’s meeting regarding the ULURP requests for 77 Commercial St. and Greenpoint Landing, have no fear, Heather has you covered. No not me–I couldn’t attend either!–but Miss Heather of New York Shitty not only attended but took videos of all the community testimonies. Watch them and… READ MORE

GWAPP & NAG: GPL and 77 Commercial ULURP Testimony at BBP Meeting

by GWAPP on

* * * * * * * * * * In case you were unable to attend the Brooklyn Borough President’s (BBP) ULURP meeting re: Greenpoint Landing (GPL) and 77 Commercial Street, we’re publishing our official testimony/statement here on the website for you to read. You can also download it (DOCX). * * * *… READ MORE

Borough President’s Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Public Hearing Next Tuesday, Sept 17

by Ryan Watson on

Earlier this week, Community Board 1 voted on the proposed ULURP requests for Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street. Read a recap of that meeting for details on the vote. However, CB1’s role in the ULURP process is only advisory. The next step in the land use review process is a public hearing held by… READ MORE

CB1 Meeting Recap

by Heather Van De Mark on

Monday night’s Community Board 1 Public Hearing and Board meeting may have been one of the fastest CB1 meetings I’ve attended in the last two years. Click to view the official agenda (PDF). I’ll keep this recap short and sweet. NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Mikelle Adgate presented on the Green Infrastructure Office’s plan… READ MORE

Greenpoint Landing Protest Signs

CB1 Votes Tonight on Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Street

by GWAPP on

At tonight’s Brooklyn’s Community Board 1 (CB1) meeting, the executive committee will issue a final vote on the proposed ULURP actions of Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street. This vote represents the culmination of months of community meetings about these two new developments going up along the Greenpoint waterfront that, in the words of CB1… READ MORE

Documents and Materials: Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial St ULURP Requests

by Heather Van De Mark on

For anyone interested in delving into the nitty gritty that is the Greenpoint Landing/77 Commercial ULURP requests, below are several helpful pieces of information regarding the projects. We’ll be updating this page as more documents become available. Download all materials listed below in one convenient .zip file. MAPS: Greenpoint Landing: Area Map (PDF) Greenpoint Landing:… READ MORE

Greenpoint Landing ULURP: Community Testimony

by GWAPP on

Earlier this month, there was a well-attended Community Board 1 ULURP subcommittee meeting regarding Greenpoint Landing’s variance requests. You can read a recap of the event or watch an edited video of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, community residents who had signed up were allowed two minutes to speak. GWAPP & NAG… READ MORE

Missed the Greenpoint Landing Community Meeting? Then Watch This.

by GWAPP on

Did you miss the August 13th Community Board 1 meeting covering the new Greenpoint Landing development, but want to know what happened? It was certainly a heated and emotionally contentious evening. For more information about what was presented at the meeting and what the communuity thinks, take a look at our recap of the meeting… READ MORE

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