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Greenpoint Landing Protest Signs

What are you doing tonight? Development and environmental meetings tonight

by Heather Van De Mark on

A quick reminder that tonight two important meetings are happening that will directly impact the future of North Brooklyn. Domino Development On the southside of town, Community Board 1 will be continuing its public hearing on the Domino ULURP. If you missed the first part of the meeting which included a presentation by Two Trees… READ MORE

CAG Topics

EPA to present on Superfund at Newtown Creek CAG meeting, this Thursday

by James Curcuru on

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will present the results of its Phase I evaluation of the Newtown Creek superfund site. Studies wrapped up in February of this year and focused on remedial investigation and project feasibility, including: shoreline assessment, creek-bed and fish community surveys, and the sampling of surface sediments and surface water.… READ MORE

The Legacies of Industrial Pollution: The Effect on Human Health

by Ryan Watson on

For years, residents and activists alike have expressed concern over the history of industrial pollution in our community. From the Meeker Avenue Plumes to the Exxon Mobil Oil Spill to the designation of the Newtown Creek as a Superfund site, there are certainly a number of causes for environmental concern in the Greenpoint community. (Check… READ MORE

Move Over Sludge: Dredging Newtown Creek Will Bring Playground Expansion

by Heather Van De Mark on

At last month’s Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting, NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) presented, “East River Sludge Storage Tank Removal.” The NYC DEP’s Project Plan Demolishing the current East River Sludge Storage Tank which sits at the end of Commercial & Dupont Streets in north Greenpoint. Sludge vessels would then take their… READ MORE

Followup Materials from the March 27th CAG meeting

by GWAPP on

Posted on March 29, 2013 by from the Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group website. Thanks to all who came out to the March 27th CAG meeting at LaGuardia Community College. For those who could not attend, a summary of the meeting will be posted on the Newtown Creek CAG website soon. Below are some… READ MORE

Newtown Creek on the AP: A Brief Timeline

by GWAPP on

Over the weekend, the Associated Press put out an article on Newtown Creek’s dirty history and recent clean-up efforts. The article was published by Huffington Post, NPR and USA Today among other news outlets. About time our local creek got some national love and attention (and disgusted looks.) A Brief Timeline of Newtown Creek: (based… READ MORE

Community Advisory Group

Newtown Creek: Superfund Site and Community Advisory Group

by GWAPP on

In September 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed Newtown Creek as a “Superfund” site, which has enabled the EPA to conduct a series of tests and studies to pinpoint the major contaminants and establish the best means of remediating the contaminated site. Additionally, designation as a superfund has made Newtown Creek eligible for millions… READ MORE

The Toxic Site in Greenpoint You’ve Never Heard Of

by Mike Schade on

Somewhere beneath the streets of Greenpoint/East Williamsburg, cancer-causing chemicals are slowly drifting through the groundwater, evaporating into the air and making their way into peoples’ homes. They’re called the Meeker Avenue Plumes. When I moved to Sutton Street in Greenpoint four years ago, I immediately fell in love with the neighborhood, especially McGolrick Park. With… READ MORE

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