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Join the Fight for Bushwick Inlet Park

by GWAPP on

As heard at the recent Town Hall and reported in The New York Times, the Williamsburg/Greenpoint communities are fighting to transform Norman Brodsky’s waterfront property into public parkland, as promised in the 2005 rezoning. A decade since the rezoning – with just a slice of Bushwick Inlet Park developed – last January’s CitiStorage fire has reignited the “Where’s… READ MORE

Unzoning the Rezoning

by GWAPP on

180 blocks of Greenpoint and Williamsburg were rezoned over 8 years ago to allow for residential development, and during that time a lot has changed in our community. With the recent proposals for modifications to the as-of-right zoning at Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial, there is suddenly a a lot of attention on new development… READ MORE

Bushwick Inlet Park – Who Owns What

by Laura Treciokas on

As part of the 2005 rezoning project, the city proposed purchasing several parcels of land on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront to turn them into public open spaces including parks and a promenade. Below is an update of current ownership for several of those parcels along Kent Avenue. North 9th – North 10th (Yellow): New York City… READ MORE

Transmitter Park Opening Day

by Ryan Watson on

It was truly fantastic to head over to Transmitter Park on Saturday for its opening day. The park was bustling — friends having a picnic, people walking their dogs, children running barefoot in the grass, cyclists pausing on the waterfront and people reading and drawing, and lots of families playing on the playground. Check out… READ MORE

WNYC Transmitter Park Opens August 25

by Ryan Watson on

Transmitter Park—a 6.6 acre space at the end of Greenpoint Avenue—is set to open this Saturday, August 25, 2012 according to several area newspapers. The seemingly finished park had been kept gated all summer, but when the New York Post began investigating the delay in the park’s opening, the city responded that they were just… READ MORE

Actions Set in Motion for 65 Commercial St. Park

by Ryan Watson on

On Monday, August 13, 2012, the The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) requested proposals for a developer to buy “air rights” to 65 Commercial St. in an effort to acquire money for the removal of MTA trains from the site as well as to landscape the area. The developer would be able to… READ MORE

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