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$19.5 Million for Greenpoint

by GWAPP on

The settlement from the New York State lawsuit against ExxonMobil oil spill provided $19.5 million to be used toward “Environmental Benefits Projects” (EBP). These projects “will be designed to provide significant environmental improvements in Greenpoint and address environmental areas of concern for the community, such as water quality, groundwater, open space, reduction of toxic pollution,… READ MORE

DEC Fact Sheet. Click the image to view the full PDF.

Greenpoint Petroleum Remediation Project

by GWAPP on

Home to one of the largest oil spills in U.S. history, Greenpoint is still working on cleaning up the more than 20 million gallons of petroleum product that were released into the soil of our neighborhood. In order to clean up the extensive damage to the environment, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation… READ MORE

Meeker Ave Plumes area (HabitatMaps)

The Toxic Site in Greenpoint You’ve Never Heard Of

by Mike Schade on

Somewhere beneath the streets of Greenpoint/East Williamsburg, cancer-causing chemicals are slowly drifting through the groundwater, evaporating into the air and making their way into peoples’ homes. They’re called the Meeker Avenue Plumes. When I moved to Sutton Street in Greenpoint four years ago, I immediately fell in love with the neighborhood, especially McGolrick Park. With… READ MORE

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