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NYC Audubon intern (right) and project manager Kaitlyn (left)

Get Involved with McGolrick Park’s Urban Oasis

by Heather Van De Mark on

Earlier in May, I reported on NYC Audubon’s plan to create an Urban Oasis in McGolrick Park to provide food and shelter for migratory birds. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see a large swath of the park (along Russell Street) already weeded and with lots of little new plants and being watered by… READ MORE


NYC Audubon is Bringing Birds to Greenpoint

by GWAPP on

NYC Audubon was recently awarded a small grant as part of the GCEF. Their grant is to create an “urban oasis” at McGolrick Park. The project includes planting and maintaining native species (like wildflowers) that provide food and shelter for migratory birds within the park. NYC Audubon is currently recruiting volunteers to 1.) help install… READ MORE


Puppy Playgroups on Saturdays

by Heather Van De Mark on

Since I started writing for GWAPP in 2012, the lack of a dog park/dog run on the northside of Greenpoint is an issue that repeatedly comes up. There are neighborhood dog parks (if I misuse the terminology–dog park vs dog run–my apologies) at McGolrick/Winthrop Park and McCarren Park. But for all the dog-loving residents north… READ MORE


Smile: Photos from the Parks

by Heather Van De Mark on

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas. And we have your Instagram photos to prove it. Grab a mug of something warm and get outside! Don’t let a snow and cold keep you from enjoying the great outdoors of Greenpoint. Have an Instagram photo to share? Tag #GreenpointGWAPP and your location (ex: #McCarrenPark or… READ MORE

© Photo by Noel Hidalgo.

McGolrick/Winthrop Park Community Meeting Write Up

by GWAPP on

Last weekend there was a great community meeting that brought together local officials and the neighborhood to discuss issues about McGolrick/Winthrop Park. Check out this Google Doc by Daniel Latorre who moderated the event, as well as transcribed it. There appears to have been a lot of good discussion (in English and Polish) on a… READ MORE

Photo Courtesy of DNA Info. Vandalized benches in McGolrick Park.

String of Vandalism Incidents Hit McGolrick Park

by Ryan Watson on

As many in the neighborhood recall, earlier this year the USS Monitor statue in McGolrick Park was vandalized by a coat of white paint. The Parks Department and local elected officials acted swiftly to resolve the situation and bring the park back to its normal condition. At the time it seemed like an isolated incident… READ MORE


Would You Like to See a “Slow Zone” Around McGolrick Park?

by Ryan Watson on

How many times have you been walking through the neighborhood and seen a car recklessly accelerating down a residential street? Wouldn’t you like to see the residential areas surrounding our parks safer for children and residents? The Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently accepting applications from local residents to implement “slow zones” in areas around… READ MORE

Get Outside: Enjoy a Park This Weekend!

by GWAPP on

With the weather in the 50s and full of sunshine this weekend, we encourage everyone to get outside! Run on the track, throw a ball in the park, ride the ferry, get your hands dirty at a community garden, take your dog to the dog run, pick up some compost, or enjoy lunch along the… READ MORE

© 2013 Holly Fairall. Used with permission.

Spring Has Sprung in McGolrick Park! Flowers and Fun Forthcoming!

by Holly Fairall on

Old man winter may be extending his stay a bit longer, but the perennials of McGolrick Park don’t seem to mind. The tiny daffodil and tulip sprouts throughout the park are a welcome sight and a wonderful reminder of the McGolrick Park’s beauty when in full bloom. As many residents of the McGolrick Park area… READ MORE

© 2013 Heather Van De Mark. Used with permission. McGolrick Park statute vandalized earlier this year.

USS Monitor Statue in McGolrick Park Vandalized

by GWAPP on

Over the weekend, a statue near the central pavilion in McGolrick Park was senselessly vandalized and covered in paint. The statue entitled, “The Monitor and The Merrimac” was constructed by Antonio de Filippo in 1938 and honors Swedish-American engineer and inventor John Ericsson and his design of the USS Monitor. Constructed in Bushwick Inlet, the… READ MORE

Greenpoint Homeless – What Do We Do?

by Heather Van De Mark on

Recently, the Greenpoint Reformed Church, a GWAPP Member Organization, opened their doors to a 10-bed homeless shelter program run by local non-profit Common Ground. Apparently, it’s been received with mixed review from the church’s neighbors. As Holly Fairall pointed out in her previous post, “The McGolrick Park Homeless . . . It’s Complicated” when it… READ MORE


Take Your Tree to MulchFest 2013 — Jan 9 – 13

by GWAPP on

Not sure what to do with that drying Christmas tree that’s dropping needle all over your living room floor? Don’t worry, NYC Parks has you covered with MulchFest 2013! There are two locations in North Brooklyn: McCarren Park (Driggs Avenue & Lorimer Street) On-site tree chipping. Residents are encouraged to bring bags to pick up… READ MORE