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Improve Your Parks (Part III): Who to Contact

by Heather Van De Mark on

Last week, I attended Partnership for Parks meeting, How Can I Improve My Park? It was a fantastic panel discussion between city officials and active community volunteers on how people can improve their parks. You can read the recap of the discussion at Improve Your Parks (Part II): A Panel Discussion. It was ALSO the… READ MORE

Java St Garden BBQ & Fundraiser

Java Street Garden Update

by Eric Himmelfarb on

Last Saturday the Java St Garden Collaborative, a new community garden in Greenpoint, BK, on Java Street between West Street and Franklin Street, had a fundraising BBQ that in a lot of ways was its official introduction to the neighborhood. The gate swung open at 4pm and the air quickly filled with the smell of… READ MORE

© 2012 Eric Himmelfarb. Used with permission. The mushroom experiment begins.

Repairing the Land on Java Street

by Eric Himmelfarb on

Greenpoint, Brooklyn sits on top of an estimated 17 million to 30 million gallons of oil (read about it here and here), so starting a community garden in the neighborhood requires more than just tossing some seeds into the ground and reaping a quick harvest. Despite all we’ve done over the last 150 years or… READ MORE

Photo by Barbara McGlamery.

India & Java St. Cleanup – A Personal Request

by Barbara McGlamery on

Chain link fence, broken down construction areas and over grown grass. That’s what greets you at the India St. Pier. Of course, there is also the stunning view of the City, which must be where everyone’s attention is, because if they looked around the pier they would not be thinking, “What a lovely spot.” Next… READ MORE

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