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Greenpoint Homeless – What Do We Do?

by Heather Van De Mark on

Recently, the Greenpoint Reformed Church, a GWAPP Member Organization, opened their doors to a 10-bed homeless shelter program run by local non-profit Common Ground. Apparently, it’s been received with mixed review from the church’s neighbors. As Holly Fairall pointed out in her previous post, “The McGolrick Park Homeless . . . It’s Complicated” when it… READ MORE

The McGolrick Park Homeless . . . It’s Complicated

by Holly Fairall on

Whether you are first-time visitor to McGolrick Park or you’ve lived in the neighborhood surrounding the park all your life, there is a long-standing fixture of McGolrick that no one can overlook. No, I’m not talking about the historic center pavilion, or the beautiful maritime and wartime sculptures, or the majestic trees. . . I’m… READ MORE

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