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Greenpoint Landing Has Landed

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Read the full story, Let the pile driving begin! Greenpoint Landing starts construction by Kim M. on Greenpointers. Greenpoint’s got a new kid on the block and he’s entered the hood with a bang. For anyone who has seen the mounds of excavated dirt, or the felt the head-splitting thunderous claps of wooden piles being… READ MORE

India St. Pier and G Train Updates

by GWAPP on

Read the full story, Investigating the India Street Ferry (Or lack thereof) by Matt A. on Greenpointers. “We’re well aware by now that the imminent five-week G suspension this summer (from late July through the end of August) has many commuters spooked. Adding insult to injury, the New York Waterways ferry landing at India Street—by… READ MORE

Guided Walk of Newtown Creek & Greenpoint’s History

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Read the full story, What Lurks Under the Pulaski Bridge? A Dose of Greenpoint History by Ellie Rose on Greenpointers. “By the 1850s, 10% of the wealth of the entire United States was found between Williamsburg and Newtown Creek,” says Waxman. “So this was the original home of industry in the United States of America.”… READ MORE

Vision Zero Focuses Sights on McGuiness Boulevard

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Read the full story, Victory for McGuinness Slow Zone by Gina Pollack on Greenpointers. A study from Transportation Alternatives found that the boulevard is one of the most dangerous in NYC, citing that 66% of drivers speed on that wide stretch of road between the Pulaski Bridge and the BQE (only 1.1 miles in length).… READ MORE

Would you eat East River fish?

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“’These are the same fish being caught in Montauk and Martha’s Vineyard,’ Ben Sargent said, ‘We want to show the public that people can eat the fish here.’” “The fact is, eating one fish from the East River won’t kill you. And Sargent argues that the act of doing so puts more pressure on city… READ MORE

Mockingbirds Don’t Sing… They Attack!

by Heather Van De Mark on

Apparently some mockingbirds have been getting pretty aggressive over at the WNYC Transmitter Park. The bad behavior–including running their beaks into people’s heads–is pretty common behavior if the birds have baby mockingbirds around to protect. From Wikipedia: “Northern Mockingbirds are born relatively immobile and defenseless. The levels of belligerence exhibited by parents therefore increase once… READ MORE

Canoe Trip on Newtown Creek (VIDEO)

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“Thanks to Newtown Creek Alliance and North Brooklyn Boat Club for organizing this fun canoe trip on the Newtown Creek. While nature in the way of lush forests and crystal clear running streams is far from the scenery along this industrial waterway, “nature has returned to the creek,” our guides explained, which is a good… READ MORE

4th of July is Happening!

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We’ve put together a great list of things to do in Greenpoint this July 4th (and the upcoming weekend) if you’re trying to avoid your family BBQ or crowds at the beach. Read it at, 4th of July is Happening! Burgers, Boogies, Boils, Bashes, Beaches, BBQs! (6/3-6/7).… READ MORE

A Tree Murdered in Brooklyn

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Tuesday morning en route to the Nassau Ave. G train, I was surprised to encounter a large tree branch laying across Norman Ave. while resting partially on top of a guilty-looking Pepsi truck. It appeared, upon closer examination, that the tree had just been clipped by the truck, which caused some of the wood to… READ MORE

Community Workshop: Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial St. Developments

by GWAPP on

Join GWAPP & NAG for a special community workshop on the Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Street developments. We’ll be discussing what is “as-of-right” (per the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning) and what is still negotiable as these two developments approach certification and ULURP approval. This is an opportunity to share ideas about what’s at stake, what… READ MORE

Forgotten Greenpoint: WNYC Transmitter on the East River

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Who listens to radio these days? I enjoy some WNYC action from time to time (when they are not doing a pledge-drive, of course), and my neighbor across the airshaft seems to enjoy sports radio at elevated volume levels around 7 a.m., so there are at least two of us. But after some research I… READ MORE

Raffle to Support Greenpoint Soup Kitchen

by Ryan Watson on

Our online and real-life neighbors at are holding a raffle to support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. You can choose to have your donation go to New York Cares and/or the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. There are a lot of great prizes from neighborhood businesses and organizations like Milk & Roses, Cafe Grumpy, Newtown Creek… READ MORE

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