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Puppy Playgroups on Saturdays

by Heather Van De Mark on

Since I started writing for GWAPP in 2012, the lack of a dog park/dog run on the northside of Greenpoint is an issue that repeatedly comes up. There are neighborhood dog parks (if I misuse the terminology–dog park vs dog run–my apologies) at McGolrick/Winthrop Park and McCarren Park. But for all the dog-loving residents north… READ MORE

Participatory Budgeting Results: CM Stephen Levin

The Participatory Budget Results Are In! And the Winners Are…

by Heather Van De Mark on

After a months long process of meetings, expos and voting, the Paticipatory Budgeting results are in. These five projects will be funded (in no particular order): 1. East River State Dog Park 2. District-wide Tree Planting 3. Technology Funding for PS 8 in Park Slop 4. Technology Funding for PS 31 in Greenpoint 5. Playground… READ MORE


East River State “Bark”? Proposed Dog Run for Park

by Mark Sallinger on

VOLUNTEER! SPREAD THE WORD! VOTE! We Need Your Help to Make The East River State Park Dog Run a Reality! The Friends of East River State Park has submitted a proposal through the Participatory Budgeting Program (PBNYC) to design and construct a dog run in the northeast corner of East River State Park. Only the… READ MORE

© 2012 Heather Van De Mark. Used with permission.

Dog vs. Baby Battle Averted at Friends of Transmitter Park Meeting

by Heather Van De Mark on

The Friends of Transmitter Park (FOTP) meeting last night at Red Star Bar was hyped by some media outlets as an epic turf war between dogs and babies finally coming to a head. It was anything but. The first FOTP meeting was a friendly, well-organized meet-your-neighbor round table of open discussion. Recap of the First… READ MORE

© Rob Maher, Unleash Brooklyn

McGolrick Park Dog Run Up and Running

by GWAPP on

Below is a photo from the dog run clean up on Sunday, September 16th, where we were able to thank Assemblyman Joe Lentol and DPR Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey for their help in replacing the entrance gate that was damaged when the tree fell on it. Damage was from storm a few days previous.… READ MORE

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