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Listening Session for Newtown Barge Park Expansion and Box Street Park on October 30

by Heather Van De Mark on

As the Greenpoint waterfront moves into a new era that includes massive development, the wheels are also finally in motion for the neighborhood to receive some of the waterfront open space promised in the 2005 Rezoning. The NYC Parks, NYC Economic Development Corporation and Community Board 1 are inviting community members, elected officials, and stakeholder… READ MORE

Unzoning the Rezoning

by GWAPP on

180 blocks of Greenpoint and Williamsburg were rezoned over 8 years ago to allow for residential development, and during that time a lot has changed in our community. With the recent proposals for modifications to the as-of-right zoning at Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial, there is suddenly a a lot of attention on new development… READ MORE

Community Workshop Intro.: A Brief History

by Heather Van De Mark on

We thought it would be helpful to provide some additional information regarding the waterfront rezoning on the GWAPP website over the next few days as a lead up to the GWAPP/NAG Community Workshop on Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Street that will take place this Thursday night. While it’s an issue that covers some eight… READ MORE

The 2005 Waterfront Rezoning: A Community History

by GWAPP on

Today, GWAPP is proud to launch a multi-month effort between many people culminating in a historical narrative that explores the 2005 North Brooklyn Waterfront Rezoning. The narrative includes the creation of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg 197-a plans, the Rezoning Task Force, and the victories and losses sustained in the rezoning’s passing. There are some major… READ MORE

CRASH LANDING: Greenpoint Landing Project Presented at CB1 Joint Committee Meeting

by GWAPP on

Developers and their attorneys, architects and landscape designers presented plans for “Greenpoint Landing” and the adjacent 77 Commercial Street development at a combined meeting of Community Board One’s Executive Committee, Parks and Waterfront Committee and Land Use/ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure) Committee Monday night in an overcrowded McCarren Pool Play Center room. Park Tower… READ MORE

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