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EPA presents Phase I findings on Newtown Creek at CAG Meeting

by James Curcuru on

The main draw to the Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting on Thursday, November 21st was a presentation by Caroline Kwan, the EPA’s project manager for the Newtown Creek Superfund site. A group of roughly 35 people were in attendance, representing a broad coalition of community members, local non-profit groups and business interests. In… READ MORE

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EPA to present on Superfund at Newtown Creek CAG meeting, this Thursday

by James Curcuru on

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will present the results of its Phase I evaluation of the Newtown Creek superfund site. Studies wrapped up in February of this year and focused on remedial investigation and project feasibility, including: shoreline assessment, creek-bed and fish community surveys, and the sampling of surface sediments and surface water.… READ MORE

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