GWAPP asks Norm Brodsky to be a Hero

by GWAPP on

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Our comrades at Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park have been counting down from 60 the number of days left for the City’s Offer made to the CitiStorage site owner, Norm Brodsky to complete Bushwick Inlet Park!

Incredibly, last month the City made a $100 million dollar offer to Norm Brodsky to acquire the CitiStorage site for completing the promised Bushwick Inlet Park. Hallelujah!

However, the offer expires in 60 days – that will be in mid-August.

Beginning on June 17, ever morning supporters of the cause have helped to countdown the number of days left on the offer with a large countdown clock poster on Kent Ave and N14th St.

On day 47, members of GWAPP helped countdown one day less left before the city’s offer expires.  Dressed as our own favorite superheroes, we ask CitiStorage’s Norm Brodsky to be a hero too, and make a deal with the City.

Visit to learn how you can do more to help.





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