Bushwick Inlet – A North Brooklyn Treasure

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The Bushwick Inlet is an extraordinary urban space by any measure; pre-colonially, it was the mouth of Bushwick Creek which emptied extensive marshes that now (roughly) comprise McCarren Park; cartographically, it marks a (lightly) contested border between Greenpoint and Williamsburg; historically, it is the site of several industrial landmarks, including Continental Ironworks that launched the legendary Civil War ironclad U.S.S. Monitor; ecologically, it has been, for the past several decades, a very rare waterfront habitat, almost entirely untrammeled by humans and, according to the archive (which the boat club has recently been privileged to share) of a local birder who spent years cataloguing birds along our waterfront, the migratory stop for dozens of species.


For us paddlers, in addition to offering all of that history and natural wonder, the Bushwick Inlet is exceptional and rare because it is the only natural embayment (sheltered from the fierce tidal currents of the East River) between Hallet’s Cove in Astoria and Wallabout Channel at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It is the perfect place to teach beginners and a wonderful place for paddlers to launch from or stop and rest while enroute up or down the river.





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