October is Apple Appreciation Month at McCarren Park Greenmarket

by Stephen Wade on

While September whittles down — who saw that coming! — there’s a lot to look forward to in the Fall Greenmarket. Tomatoes, peppers, and all forms of summer treats will be around until the first frost, and coming along with the early reps of fall, new apples, grapes, and potatoes are all making their way back to the market!

Also back since the end of August, Cayuga Pure Organics is treating the market to fresh flours, grains and beans from the Northeast. This week, we’ll be highlighting them by making fresh cornmeal huaraches by hand at market, using their Jacobs cattle beans for a rich filler. Come on by and sample some rich delicious vegetarian goodness.

October will herald another heirloom celebration, in this case New York states abundant apples! For the month of October we’ll be culminating an interest in the fruit of the air, starting with an heirloom apple tasting October 4, apple sauce and apple butter making for the canning demo October 11, our second fruit pie contest with heirloom apples as the inspiration October 18, and apple and potato soup wrapping up our fesitivites the week of the 25th, just after the occassion of the Big Apple Crunch, New York States official celebration culminating in the largest single collective apple bite recorded by Guiness 2 years running!

The Healthbucks promotion is still going strong — use your EBT at Greenmarket thru November 15 to get two-for-five double value at the market!

Also a reminder: the Greenpoint-McCarren Park Greenmarket runs year-round. Wait what!??! YEAR-ROUND. Come rain or shine or snow, we have a full market of produce, bread, cheese, meat, and other goodies all through out the winter months, same hours, same services, same demos, and even possibly some delicious coffee at the info booth if you ask nicely! While several markets are seasonal, we look to provide food for our Greenpoint and WIlliamsburg family (as well as those who come from further afield!) 365 days a year. And don’t forget it šŸ˜€

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade is the manager at the Greenpoint/McCarren Greenmarket.