A Resignation (Bye Barbara — Thanks for Everything!)

by Barbara McGlamery on

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Neighbors:

After nearly 15 years of serving Greenpoint’s parks and open spaces, I am announcing today that I am stepping down from the GWAPP board. I have been a part of GWAPP, from its nascent days as an outgrowth of community concern about proposed power plants at the Greenpoint Terminal Market and the Bushwick Inlet, to what it has become: a resource for news and information, and an advocate on behalf of all Greenpoint’s parks, open space and environmental issues.

Today GWAPP begins afresh with a new board and a new direction, but continues with the same dedication to promoting parks and open space for all Greenpointers, while helping to protect our beloved environment from many of the ills that plague us from truck traffic to oil spills. GWAPP does this through its advocacy work and through its website, GWAPP.org – working hard to keep the public informed about what is going on in Greenpoint.

While I am still deeply committed to GWAPP’s mission, the new board is more than ready to take the reins and continue the way forward. Rich Mazur will serve as Acting Chair, with Trina McKeever as Treasurer, and Laura Treciokis as Secretary. Katie Denny Horowitz and Manuel Zuniga round out a small but able group. I have every confidence that the board will continue the good fight to ensure Greenpoint gets its fair share of parks and open space with the massive developments that are slated for the next 10 years.

GWAPP has a lot of exciting events coming up in the next year: it will be hosting a series of forums and discussions about environmental concerns in the neighborhood. The program will be announced this fall, and you can expect topics ranging from high-rise open space issues to the Superfund site at the Newtown Creek. GWAPP is also seeking funding to create PSAs (public service announcements), as well as a series of infographics to help the community better understand topics such as environmental remediation and rezoning. And, as always, the website will continue to report on any developments around open space and environmental issues in Greenpoint.

I am tremendously proud of my years working with GWAPP. Our record of accomplishment has been amazing and the product of collaboration with committed neighborhood activists who deserve to be recognized. I would like to thank everyone who has served on the board over the years, especially Dewey Thompson, Christine Holowacz, Trina McKeever, and Rich Mazur – all of whom have dedicated years of hard work and service to create a vibrant, sustainable organization that will carry on into the future.

See you around the neighborhood!
– Barbara McGlamery

Barbara McGlamery

Barbara McGlamery

Barbara has been a Greenpoint resident since 1997. Originally from Florida, she has been involved in community activities since the age of seven, selling girl scout cookies and putting on variety shows for the local nursing homes. She was involved with the first power plant fight against Con Edison, and has served as GWAPP’s secretary since 2000. Currently she works in web development at Martha Stewart and is the host of a tech-themed radio show, “Tech Trends,” for Martha Stewart Radio. She is mother to two hyperactive and brilliant little boys, Lorenzo and Ezra, and enjoys cooking, reading and going to the park!