TOMATOES! Greenpoint-McCarren Park Greenmarket Update: 30 August 2014

by Stephen Wade on

So the weather has taken a turn for the hot, Labor Day is approaching, and with the tickle of fall in the air it can only mean one thing: the canning season is hitting its high point. And while fresh tomatoes, heirloom and otherwise, are a pleasure to eat on their own right now, what happens come December? Or March?

In that spirit, we’re doing a bunch of tomato-related awesomeness this week, and over the next few, in the spirit of savoring summer and preserving the harvest. Come by the market info booth to sample an array of heirloom tomatoes and find out more information about the differences between them & hybrid tomatoes, and their growing practices. And on September 13, our canning demo will be specifically geared towards whole tomatoes and making sauce, all for extending your tomato season into the colder months.

Don't want to eat or can your tomatoes? There are alternatives. ;) Photo by Aaron Corey

Don’t want to eat or can your tomatoes? There are alternatives. Photo by Aaron Corey

Also at the market: Chuck at Cranberry Hall offers 25 pound boxes of tomatoes for $24, available day of and pre-order till the first frost. Find him for some awesome opportunities to preserve your own harvest.

Everything else is in full swing — more peppers are making their way to market, along with the first *shudder* winter squash. All the stone fruit are coming forth, with new grapes coming into view as well as new harvest apples.

Healthbucks are still in effect for EBT users, and the certificates are still good through November 15, 2014!

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade is the manager at the Greenpoint/McCarren Greenmarket.