Time to Play at American Playground

by Laura Treciokas on

The scaffolding has finally come down off the playground equipment at American Playground. (It had originally been put up while the building next door did window installation.) Caution tape still restricts access, but a worker who was there hosing off the area thought the space could be back open by late afternoon Tuesday. [Update: Caution tape is down as of Thursday morning.] Still no word on when the water problem at American will be fixed which means still no bathrooms, water fountain or sprinklers. There also still seems to be a hazardous sidewalk on the Franklin Street side of the park, where pipe work began last summer.


Laura Treciokas

Laura is a new-ish addition to the Greenpoint community, moving here in 2007 with her husband Jonathan Fox and their Boston Terrier, Buster Brown. The family is recently joined by one Jasper Fox, last seen drooling on a non tree-lined stretch of sidewalk near you. Laura abandoned a life of glamour and excitement as a network news producer in Manhattan for a life of excitement and glamour in North Brooklyn, where she is renovating a home on Guernsey Street which dates back to 1872. Her involvement with community work began after she misunderstood her neighbor, Trina McKeever, believing that an invitation to join forces as Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park was the promise of a permanent boat slip on the East River. She soon discovered an outlet for her steady tiller hand, helping to set up the Community Committee for the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and serving as the group’s first co-chair. Laura joined the board of GWAPP in 2012.