Canning Extravaganza at the Greenpoint-McCarren Park Greenmarket

by Stephen Wade on

Summer is starting to come into full bloom, and that means canning season is revving up! Ever thought about putting food in jars, whether it’s jam, pickles, or even cheese? Starting this Saturday, the Greenmarket at Greenpoint-McCarren Park will be hosting a canning demo and info session with a raffle and giveaways courtesy of Ball Jars. Every second Saturday of the month through the end of the year, we will be going through a panoply of canning and preserving methods, handing out recipes and guidance from Greenmarket manager and certified Master Food Preserver Stephen Wade. Come out and learn more about the awesome world of home preservation, only at the Greenpoint-McCarren Park Greenmarket!

Demo begins at 11:30am with the raffle beginning at 1:00pm. Raffle prizes include herb keepers, kitchen shears, and preserving guides courtesy of Ball, along with jars of whatever we happen to be “putting by” that day!

Photo by peppergrasss on Flickr.

Green pepper relish. Photo by peppergrasss on Flickr.

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade is the manager at the Greenpoint/McCarren Greenmarket.