Greenpoint: Know Your Zone

by Heather Van De Mark on

The NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has launched a nifty new, multi-lingual website: Know Your Zone where users can find information about “the city’s hurricane evacuation zones, the hazards you may face from a hurricane, and what to do to prepare.” (The new campaign even comes with its own hashtag #knowyourzone because everything has a hashtag now.) Check the map below to see what hurricane zone you live in.

NYC OEM Know Your Zone Map. Click to go to interactive map.

The Hurricane Evacuation map also lists area Evacuation Centers. Obviously, none are in Greenpoint considering virtually all of Greenpoint is in one of the evacuation zones. But there are several south of Myrtle Avenue and two in Queens north of Greenpoint.

The OEM also has several “Hurricane Guide” brochures available in multiple languages (including Spanish and Polish) available online.

***Author’s Note
I don’t necessarily want to make this post about something it’s not, but as I’m sure some of you will notice, yes, 77 Commercial Street and Greenpoint Landing’s new residential towers sit squarely in Zone 1. That’s not news per se, but there was much community outcry over these new buildings pushing flood and storm waters deeper into Greenpoint. So what was once Zone 2 or even Zone 3 will perhaps find itself in more dire territory. It’ll be interesting (likely devastating?) to see if/how this map and its designated zones for Greenpoint changes once the development is finished.

Heather Van De Mark

Heather Van De Mark

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