Guided Walk of Newtown Creek & Greenpoint’s History

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Read the full story, What Lurks Under the Pulaski Bridge? A Dose of Greenpoint History by Ellie Rose on Greenpointers.

“By the 1850s, 10% of the wealth of the entire United States was found between Williamsburg and Newtown Creek,” says Waxman. “So this was the original home of industry in the United States of America.”

From the way in which the local roads got their names (originally Avenues A, B, C but re-styled after five powerful local families) to the recounting of an intense fire, which started at the site of the former Continental Iron Works at West Street, Waxman’s tour gives a florid impression of how high levels of production built a town as diverse as it was plentiful.

But, despite Mai’s efforts to keep us all out of harm’s way, Waxman’s commentary also weaves in a detailed analysis of the important question any Greenpointer should ask: is this community safe, environmentally speaking?


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