Presentation from CPF Meeting on Newtown Creek Environmental Benefits Project

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Last week, City Parks Foundation held two public meetings to discuss updates on the Newtown Creek Environmental Benefits Project. [Note: I was not in attendance.] If you were (also) unable to attend, you can view the City Parks Foundation presentation by clicking below.

City Parks Foundation Presentation on Newtown Creek EBP [PDF]

A few highlights from the presentation include:

  • 88% of the fund is unspent, which at a total of $8.2 million means about $7.3 million is still available.
  • Three of the four primary projects have received some funding to date, including the Greenpoint Boathouse and Environmental Center ($39,444); the Constructed Wetland Pilot Project ($53,820); and the Dutch Kills Basin Park Acquisitions ($2,500).

Press coverage of the meeting:

Contact CPF with questions or comments regarding the Newtown Creek EBP:

Click to view complete map. [PDF]

Newtown Creek EBP History & Breakdown
The Newtown Creek Environmental Benefits Project (EBP) is a fund dedicated to “community environmental benefit projects in the areas proximate to the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant” (source). City Parks Foundation (CPF) and Hudson River Foundation (HRF) are administrators of the EBP fund which totals roughly $8.2 million:

  • $7 million comes from the original lawsuit, and
  • An additional $1.2 million comes from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) (source).

CPF and DEC have a “Memorandum of Understanding” (basically a contract) wherein CPF administers the funds, and DEC oversees CPF. View the contract online [PDF].

HRF and DEC also have a “Memorandum of Understanding” (basically a contract) wherein HRF administers the funds, and DEC oversees HRF. View the contract online [PDF].

For more information:
Visit the CPF website
March 2014 CPF Progress Report – DOCX
August 2013 CPF Progress Report – DOCX
Visit the HRF website

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