[UPDATE] Newtown Creek Dredging Postponed until March 31st

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[UPDATE] According to the latest DEP notification, dredging on Newtown Creek and Whale Creek won’t begin until April 2. Get the latest news from the DEP website.

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According to a statement released by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the dredging of Newtown Creek has been postponed until March 31. The dredging will take approximately six weeks to complete (May 9th). Dredging will initially happen in 12 hour shifts from 6am to 6pm and then run 24-hours to “minimize marine traffic.”

The release states that “during the dredging operations, hydrogen sulfide gas trapped in the sediment may be released. This gas has a strong odor of rotten eggs. DEP will monitor for odor and take preventive measures to control the releases.”

Please contact Shane Ojar, Director of Community Affairs at 718-595-4148 or via e-mail at
sojar@dep.nyc.gov. To report a noise or odor complaint, please call 311.

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