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If you are a member organization of GWAPP, please join us on Wednesday March 5 at 7PM at Warsaw (Driggs/Eckford).  It’s very important that you (or a representative from your organization) attends.  The meeting is convening expressly for the purpose of voting on the proposed governance amendment but, like all GWAPP Members meetings, it is open to the public.

As you may know, GWAPP was founded in 2000 as “Greenpoint Williamsburg Against Power Plants,” an association of local community organizations allied against an imminent threat to the quality of life in our neighborhood.  Meeting, sometimes weekly, to plan strategy, organize rallies and prepare testimony for countless governmental hearings, GWAPP played a significant role in the defeat of two major power plant proposals for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront.  In the wake of these hard-fought defenses of the community, GWAPP turned its attention to other issues affecting our neighborhood and changed its name to reflect the new focus:  Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning.  There was no longer the need for weekly meetings but, in addition to forums on specific situations, GWAPP organized a series of well-attended annual Town Halls to discuss parks and open space issues – a tradition that the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn now carries on – and met with elected officials and gave testimony at city hearings in connection with quality of life issues in the neighborhood.  Over time, the Board has met less regularly (typically at least 4 times per year) and there has been less communication with the Member Organizations.

GWAPP continues to be a vital community organization with a robust website that has become an important forum for information and discussion about parks, open space and environmental issues affecting North Brooklyn (recently enhanced with commissioned narratives about community activist history and regular reporting) and Board Members frequently give testimony (often in collaboration with other community groups like NAG) on those issues in civic forums and agency hearings.   But, it is no longer operating in accordance with the original by-laws.  The Board is proposing amendments to those by-laws to reflect an organization that is no longer an association of local orgs meeting regularly but, rather, a Board overseeing various programs and initiatives with volunteer help.

To make this change in our governance structure, we need to gather the member organizations to vote on the amendment to the by-laws.  The meeting will only have this motion on its agenda and should be brief.  You can send a representative from your organization if you, yourself, are unable to make it.   This is an important step for a valuable and dynamic community organization and we hope you will join us in making it happen.  The proposed changes to the by-laws can be found here.



The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning, Inc. ("GWAPP") is a not-for-profit group, 501(c)(3), comprised of individuals, community organizations, religious institutions, and concerned citizens from the Greenpoint-Williamsburg communities dedicated to the development of parks and public access on the Greenpoint waterfront.
  • Rolf Carle commented:

    In the interest of accuracy GWAPP changed its “focus” and thereby its name from a group fighting power plants in 2000 to one dedicated to parks and planning simultaneously, not after or “in the wake of…” the TransGas Energy power plant permit application in 2001. This can all be verified by watching the Greenpoint Video Project video titled, N.Brooklyn Neighbors Against Power Plants: As you may know, Greenpoint Video Project is a GWAPP member org.