[UPDATE] Dust Rises from Domino Sugar Demolition

by Heather Van De Mark on


On March 24, I received an update on the Domino demolition from Dave Lombino, Director of Special Projects at Two Trees:

“Inspectors from DEP came to the site Friday morning in response to a complaint from a neighbor and found the site was 100% in compliance. The demolition at the Domino site has been ongoing for more than six months and has received zero violations to date; it is safe and fully-permitted, with independent monitoring of air quality. Nevertheless, we take every complaint seriously. We have a web site (dominosugarconstruction.com) that is updated regularly with construction details, and our phone number and email is posted all over the site.”

and from March 21 an update from Angela Licata, Deputy Commissioner, DEP to the resident:

“I’m writing just to let you know that I’ve reached out to our air inspectors about the conditions at the site and they are reporting that there may have been more dust than usual because of the high winds yesterday. We are keeping a watchful eye on the site. Please call in your complaints into to 311 so we are sure to keep track of your concerns.”



A concerned Williamsburg resident sent us these images of dust rising from demolition of part of the Domino Sugar site. The resident proceeded to notify the Department of Environmental Protection. Have you noticed any issues with construction happening around the Domino Sugar site? Let us know!

Good Morning,

Please review the attached photographs of the Domino Sugar demolition site taken yesterday, on March 20 in the afternoon. The demolition activities cause significant dust formation. Winds from the East River carry the dust land inwards into the residential neighborhoods of Williamsburg. The conditions at this demolition site cause significant increases in the particulate matter in the air in Williamsburg.

Please also note as evidenced in photo 3 that the ‘wetting’ activity to mitigate dust formation is woefully inadequate. As detailed in the DEP ‘Dust Rules’ Chapter 13 Title 15 [PDF], surfaces shall be wetted and shall be maintained adequately wet prior to commencement of demolition activities. These rules are being violated, as the structures that are being demolished are bone dry. The rubble is currently stored in open dumpsters on the site, so that winds cause dust to blow into residential Williamsburg even after demolition activities subsided for the day.

Please have inspectors witness conditions at the site and enforce the Construction Dust Rules.

Thank you.

Heather Van De Mark

Heather Van De Mark

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