Bikers & Pedestrians Rejoice: More Elbow Room Planned for Pulaski Bridge

by Heather Van De Mark on

Back in January 2013, we reported on Assemblyman Lentol’s request for DOT to build a dedicated bike lane on the Pulaski Bridge that currently spans the gap between Greenpoint and Long Island City. DOT investigated and responded to both CB1 in Brooklyn and CB2 in Queens, that yes, a dedicated bike lane is feasible and in the works.

© 2013. Pulaski Bridge Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements, NYC DOT.

DOT presented a plan that involves “removing” one-lane of Brooklyn bound traffic to install a protected two-way bicycle path. The new bike path will be next to the existing shared pathway, which will become a pedestrian only path way (see image above.)

View the DOT’s community board presentation online (PDF). A few highlights include:

  • Investigations found that between 7am-7pm in April 2013, the average two-way weekday volume was 1,845 pedestrians and 1,194 bicyclists,
  • Proposed plan doubles the space dedicated to bicyclists and pedestrians and enhances safety by separating bicyclists and pedestrians,
  • Estimated project cost: $3.46 million of which 91% is for materials and labor and 9% is for planning and design,
  • No traffic impacts expected to result from this project, and
  • Expected to completed in 2014.

In a statement from Assemblymen Lentol’s Facebook page, he says, “We have been working on obtaining a dedicated bike lane on the Pulaski Bridge for over a year now and I am happy to say it is finally coming to fruition.”

What do you think? Leave a comment below. Personally, I am psyched and look forward to exploring more in LIC!

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Heather Van De Mark

Heather Van De Mark

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