Would you eat East River fish?

by Greenpointers on

“’These are the same fish being caught in Montauk and Martha’s Vineyard,’ Ben Sargent said, ‘We want to show the public that people can eat the fish here.’”

“The fact is, eating one fish from the East River won’t kill you. And Sargent argues that the act of doing so puts more pressure on city officials to clean the waterway. There is no shortage of living swimmers in there either (and they’re not small)– Sargent says that on a good day, a local fisherman can pull 15-20 fish from the river. All past derby winning fish have been over 30 inches long. That’s some serious fish.”

Read the full story, Catch and Fry Some East River Fish This Weekend at the BK Fishing Derby (11/8-11/10) by Gina on Greenpointers.



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