Get involved: be a PB Budget Delegate for Community District 33

by Lucy Zappone on

Last week, I attended the Participatory Budgeting Orientation for Budget Delegates. That meeting brought together community members who are volunteering their time to develop proposals for some of the ideas that were suggested at the prior neighborhood assembly meetings.

We went over what our roles and responsibilities as budget delegates were. Delegates are not required to participate in every aspect, but some responsibilities they can take on include reviewing data on community needs and if those are related to proposal projects, then conducting site visits, developing proposals, and serving as a volunteer at a voting site.

After a question and answer period, we broke up into smaller committee groups. All the ideas taken from the neighborhood assembly meetings were divided into six committees:

  1. Education
  2. Parks & Recreation
  3. Youth
  4. Housing
  5. Transportation
  6. Arts & Culture

Each budget delegate was able to choose which committee they wanted to participate in based on their own area of interest. Because this was the first time most of us were meeting, this was mostly so we could meet who we would be working with for the next several months. I am very interested in Parks & Recreation, so that’s the committee I chose and therefore my future blog posts will be focused on what we do in that group. While everyone seemed very excited to be there, after a 2 hour meeting we were ready to head home!

If you are interested in volunteering as a budget delegate, it’s not too late! Visit the PB NYC website volunteer page and find out more information!

Lucy Zappone

Lucy Zappone

Lucy is currently pursuing her masters degree in Urban Affairs at Hunter College. Originally from Seattle, Lucy has lived in New York since 2005 and in the charming Greenpoint neighborhood since 2010. Lucy is very excited to be interning with GWAPP and can be found at one of the many coffee shops in Greenpoint working away.