Still Time to Register for Citizen Pruner Tree Care Course

by Heather Van De Mark on

If at some point, you’ve walked along our beloved North Brooklyn streets and wondered who exactly is responsible for taking care of the streets trees–wonder no more. Generally, the Parks Dept. prunes street trees on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. However, dear concerned North Brooklyn citizen, if you’ve ever wanted the awesome authority of a Parks Dept. employee, now’s your chance.

The non-profit, TreesNY, is offering a 12-hour course “on trees in the urban environment and how to care for them” as part of their signature, Citizen Pruner Program. According to their website, “the comprehensive course includes lessons on tree biology, street tree identification, common tree problems, tree stewardship and how to prune dead and damaged limbs.”

If you successfully complete the program, you’ll receive a license from TreesNY and NYC Parks to legally prune street trees across the five boroughs. “In New York City, where there is limited funding for tree maintenance but significant need, Citizen Pruners provide a tremendous benefit to our urban environment.” Not to mention, that courtesy of Participatory Budgeting, Community District 33 should be seeing an influx of street trees in the coming year.

What’s the catch?

There are two. First, the course costs a $100. Not bad actually for 12 hours, a manual and materials, a plethora of urban tree knowledge, and a license. Second, the program includes five sessions — 4 in class sessions and 1 in the field session. You can only miss one in-class session. And if you want to register for the Brooklyn program (which still has seats available) you’ve already missed one class–and the next class is TONIGHT.

Yes, that’s right. If you want to sign up for the Brooklyn Citizen Pruner Program, you’ll have to register TODAY. Register right now. And attend a meeting tonight from 6-8pm. If that’s a little too short notice for you, the Uptown Manhattan Citizen Pruner Program doesn’t start meeting until tomorrow night. The location of the program in no way defines where you can prune, it’s just the location of the class meetings.

And I certainly don’t want to deter you in anyway–but if you’re just not the committing type–consider signing up for the Citizen Pruner Program next spring. TreesNY offers the program twice a year.

For more details:
Visit the TreesNY Citizen Pruner website.

Heather Van De Mark

Heather Van De Mark

Heather is a designer/writer specializing in non-profit organizations and social causes. Originally from central NY, Heather settled into the charming Greenpoint neighborhood in 2011. While most of her community activism takes place from behind a computer screen, Heather can often be found at CB1 meetings, the McCarren Park track and any of the parks along the waterfront.