ULURP Watch: BBP Decision is… and CPC Public Hearing Date

by Heather Van De Mark on

Hopefully, everyone’s getting ready to delve into the $19.5 million Exxon Mobile Settlement, aka the Environmental Benefits Project, aka the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) program. But the fight isn’t over yet with Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial St.’s ULURP actions. Let’s get ready to multi-task Greenpoint!

Where does Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial St. ULURP stand?

On Sept. 19, Brooklyn Borough President (BBP), Marty Markowitz’s, Office held a public hearing on these issues. Our community and neighbors showed up in (vocal) force to object the ULURP’s approval. Watch testimonies online, thanks to New York Shitty.

And the BBP’s decision on the ULURP is… … … anyone? Seriously, does anyone know?

Today, Sept. 30, I left a voicemail with BBP’s Director of Land Use, Richard Bearak, to ask what the BBP’s final decision is on the matter. When (hoping), he responds, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, I encourage you all to call him, (718) 802-4057, and e-mail him rbearak@brooklynbp.nyc.gov, and search the BBP website, and ask Baerek what the Greenpoint Landing/77 Commercial St. decision is.

Why is the BBP’s decision important–it’s only advisory after all?

After the BBP announces his advisory decision, the ULURP process moves to the City Planning Commission (CPC). This is a very important step. Why? The CPC has the power to STOP the ULURP requests (“Disapprovals are final.”*)

Official NYC.gov ULURP chart. Click to view complete PDF at nyc.gov.

When is the CPC’s public hearing on Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial St ULURP?

Seemingly, from the document below, the CPC’s required public hearing for Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial ULURP will happen on Wednesday, October 9th at 10am at Specter Hall, 22 Reade St., Manhattan.

Official NYC.gov CPC Disposition. Click to view complete PDF.

The PDF above also includes details of the ULURP requests. While the woman I spoke to today wouldn’t confirm the agenda, it seems fair to say that GPL and 77 Comm. are going to happen on October 9th. Continue to check the GWAPP website for updates. The official agenda should be published on the CPC website on Friday, October 4th.

Remember from GWAPP and NAG’s ULURP event earlier this summer, the chair of the CPC (currently Amanda M. Burden) is appointed by the mayor. Anyone want to take a guess on how she’ll vote? The Mayor also appoints six other members, each Borough President appoints one member, and the Public Advocate appoints one member, for a total of thirteen people.

If you want to speak at the Public Hearing, you need to sign-up at the start of the meeting (not just before your specific agenda item.)

If you have questions/comments regarding the CPC, contact their Brooklyn Borough Office at 16 Court Street, 7th Fl in Brooklyn or via phone: 718-780-8280.

*If the CPC rejects the ULURP requests: The requests will be defeated except for a.) special permits, zoning map and text changes, 197-a plans which the Mayor has power to certify/approve; and b.) urban renewal plans based on state law.
Heather Van De Mark

Heather Van De Mark

Heather is a designer/writer specializing in non-profit organizations and social causes. Originally from central NY, Heather settled into the charming Greenpoint neighborhood in 2011. While most of her community activism takes place from behind a computer screen, Heather can often be found at CB1 meetings, the McCarren Park track and any of the parks along the waterfront.