Graffiti in Greenpoint

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It’s a real shame that our wonderful neighborhood is making press for being covered in graffiti. The NY Times recently published an article, The Writing Is on the Walls, and the Signs and the Trees, covering the epidemic that is graffiti in Greenpoint.

© 2013 Heather Van De Mark. Used with permission. McGolrick Park statute vandalized earlier this year.

It can be found in all the expected places–storefronts, signs, bathroom walls–but now it’s gone so far as to cover trees, statues and the sides of homes. Is it a local problem, kids being kids? Or could it be graffiti tourism like the article suggests–out-of-towners coming to Brooklyn and tagging a wall to feel like a real New Yorker.

Either way, what can we as a neighborhood do to make it stop? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Read the full article, The Writing Is on the Walls, and the Signs and the Trees.

© Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times. Graffiti scrawled on a home on Freeman Street.



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  • Holly Fairall commented:

    This is the response I posted to a friend’s facebook page after she shared the NY Times article:

    Ideas: Internship opportunities targeted at local 18-25 year olds from all the mural companies located around here . And a not-for-profit that teaches the art, science, and business of graffiti/street art, eco-removal options, and obtains approval for commissioned works. Won’t stop tagging but may give a positive creative outlet to young artists. Oh, if only I could clone myself about 4 times, so that I could realize all these dreams. But maybe someone reading this will say, “Hey, that sounds good, I’ll do it.” Then I don’t have to resort to unethical genetic engineering.


  • Heather Van De Mark

    Heather Van De Mark commented:

    That’s a really good idea Holly! I don’t have any ins to the street art world, but I really hope someone sees this and follows through.