North Brooklyn Runners Show Up at 61 Franklin Street Garden

by Ryan Watson on

The phrase being passed around on Saturday morning at the 61 Franklin Street Garden was “runners show up.” And indeed they did! This past Saturday, in coordination with GWAPP, North Brooklyn Runners (NBR) turned out more than 40 volunteers, who made quick work of all the tasks in the garden. Thanks to the help of the fantastic NBR volunteers, we were able to:

  • Spread 7 cubic yards of woodchips in the garden
  • Start fall seedlings (lettuce, carrots, broccoli, greens and more!)
  • Paint a beautiful new sign for the garden
  • Weed and mulch 6 street tree beds
  • Cover the graffiti on both adjoining walls
  • Clear the entire garden of weeds
  • Paint signs for plants and sections of the garden
  • Plant climbing roses, honeysuckle vines, cardinal climber vines and dwarf zinnias

And if that list doesn’t convey the magnitude of the NBR volunteers impact on the space, here’s a few photos from the day to help drive it home:

2013 Ryan Watson. Getting things done!

2013 Ryan Watson. North Brooklyn Runners in action.

2013 Ryan Watson. The whole group assembled.

2013 Ryan Watson. NBR volunteers making quick work of the graffiti.

2013 Ryan Watson. Volunteers cleared the woodchip pile in no time!

2013 Ryan Watson. Garden member Melissa posing with the beautiful new sign.

2013 Ryan Watson. The garden looking great after the work day.

Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Originally from Los Angeles, Ryan is a relatively new but very proud resident of Greenpoint. He was drawn to Greenpoint by the strong sense of community and history of local activism. Ryan can be found at North Brooklyn Farms, the urban farm at the Domino Sugar Factory, which he co-founded or working in the 61 Franklin Street Community Garden.
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