Community Workshop Intro.: Agenda & Objectives

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We thought it would be helpful to provide some additional information regarding the waterfront rezoning on the GWAPP website over the next few days as a lead up to the GWAPP/NAG Community Workshop on Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial Street that will take place tonight at 6:30pm!

Here’s a brief overview of tonight’s agenda.

There are two ways to approach the fact that two enormous developments are preparing to build on our waterfront: fight the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning that gives these developers the ability to build as-of-right (a term we’re going to discuss) and that is a huge undertaking with considerable risk (i.e. it could be worse) OR figure out how to get the most from the process that actually does offer the community a tiny window of opportunity to negotiate the terms of variances in the rezoning that the developers are asking for. If you’re interested in the former, that’s a completely legitimate battle but another meeting. We’re here to understand and prepare for the latter.

Greenpoint Landing representatives will be giving a quick presentation to brief the audience on the project and its variances. We’ll also cover the development on 77 Commercial Street.

Then, the Center for Urban Pedagogy will lead us all in a interactive exercise that explains the ULURP process.

After a short break, we’ll regather and discuss the details of the upcoming ULURP and what we as a community want to gain.

Ultimately, we have two objectives with this workshop:

  1. Acquaint the community with the ULURP process – the language, the key players and how it works – in preparation for the CB1 ULURP meeting on August 12.
  2. With the understanding that a coherent, unified position is the strongest to have in a negotiation, we want to discuss what’s at stake, what is possible and try to come to a consensus about what the community wants and can reasonably expect from the ULURP process. As you’ll see, there are two primary variables at play here: affordable housing and park space. If there are other community benefits that you think should be added to the mix this is your chance to discuss them.

Look forward to seeing you tonight!



The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning, Inc. ("GWAPP") is a not-for-profit group, 501(c)(3), comprised of individuals, community organizations, religious institutions, and concerned citizens from the Greenpoint-Williamsburg communities dedicated to the development of parks and public access on the Greenpoint waterfront.
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      The meeting is being held at the visitor’s center of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 329 Greenpoint Avenue. See you tonight!