Mtg Tonight: Greenpoint’s Getting Bigger (And Hopefully Better?)

by GWAPP on

Today’s post is mainly a reminder to attend an important meeting tonight at 6:30pm at McCarren Park Rec Center, 776 Lorimer St., Brooklyn. At the behest of the Mayor’s office, Community Board 1’s Executive Committee, Parks & Waterfront Committee, and ULURP & Landmarks subcommittee will meet tonight to go over:

  1. Revised development plans for Greenpoint Landing: A 4.2. million sq. ft mixed-use development on 22 acres of Greenpoint waterfront.

  3. Space at 77 Commercial St. and 65 Commercial St: Clipper Equities is proposing a residential project on 77 Commercial Street and is seeking a special permit to accommodate additional square footage it’s purchasing from 65 Commercial St.

  5. Space at Newtown Barge and Box Street Parks: To adhere to the 2005 Rezoning’s “seamless waterfront plan,” discussions should start now on this waterfront area in response to the two adjacent developments mentined above.

(Notes on the above agenda topics from the official CB1 meeting notification.)

There’s a lot of change coming to north Greenpoint. And you can either watch if unfold from the comfort of your stoop or digital screens–and GWAPP will happily report on it for you–or you can participate in it by attending meetings, asking questions, voicing your and your neighbors’ opinions. Sure, being informed and getting involved may not lead to the results you want, but it is the only way it could lead to the result you want. How do you envision Greenpoint’s future? What’s most important to you?

© 2013 Handel Architects. New rendering of Greenpoint Landing Project.


Somewhat related since we’re talking about Greenpoint developments. Here’s a short video on Ole Sondresen discussing “The Architect’s Ingredients.” Sondresen is in charge of the new Kickstarter HQ that is taking residence on Kent St. There’s a brief mention of the plans for the Kickstarter building starting at 2:20.

Ole Sondresen – The Architect’s Ingredients from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.



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