What’s Happening in Our Parks: An Update from the OSA Community Committee

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© 2013 Ryan Watson. Construction on McCarren Park pathway. Used with permission.

Last night marked the quarterly meeting of the Open Space Alliance’s Community Committee. Below is brief recap of pertinent information from last night’s meeting:

Capital Projects Update:

  • Bushwick Inlet Park: The current phase of the project is expected to be completed by June. The offices of the Open Space Alliance will inhabit the new building, as well as storage for Parks equipment.
  • McCarren Park Pathways: The drainage upgrades have been completed and asphalt is ready to be laid. The contractors will attempt to open specific sections of the pathway as they are completed. Some community members expressed concern that pathways are being narrowed too greatly. Expected completion date is June.

Community Updates:

  • OSA Concert Series: The first event for the Open Space Alliance’s summer concert series has been set for Sunday, May 26th, featuring The Shins. The series will hold 20 concerts (13 ticketed, 7 free) at Williamsburg and East River State Parks.
  • GP Business Alliance Earth Day Event: The Greenpoint Business Alliance will be conducting an Earth Day clean-up and is seeking volunteers to participate. Location and Date TBA.
  • Go Green! Greenpoint Festival: Town Square will be holding the Go Green! Greenpoint Festival on Saturday, May 11th at McCarren Park at 11:00am. GWAPP will partner to participate in a tree giveaway of 100 free trees! They are currently recruiting local community greening organizations to participate.
  • 61 Franklin Street Garden: 61 Franklin street voted upon its membership details and open hours.
  • Two Trees’ New Domino Proposal: Representatives from Two Trees presented the Comm Comm with an update of the new proposal for the Domino Sugar Factory development. For a recap on the new project, take a look at our post on the New Domino plan.

View the Open Space Alliance’s Community Committee minutes from February meeting here or visit their website.



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