What Did Your Neighbors Decide to Do with $1 Million?

by Ryan Watson on

© Ryan Watson 2013. Delegates assembling their project displays.

Thanks to $1 million of discretionary funding set aside by Council Member Stephen Levin (District 33), delegates who have spent months developing community proposals for the Participatory Budgeting (PB) process gathered on Thursday to assemble displays of their project proposals. The North Brooklyn expo of project – sort of like a science fair of ideas for neighborhood improvements – will take place on Monday, March 11th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the Polish Slavic Center (176 Java Street). Find out what projects your neighbors have developed, ask questions and being the process of deciding which projects will get your vote.

Voting for PB projects will take place from April 1st – 7th at Council Member Levin’s district office (410 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217) and at other neighborhood locations to be determined (if you have a suggestion for a location, email Lisa Bloodgood). To be eligible to vote you only need be a resident of the 33rd City Council District. Voters will have three votes to disperse amongst their favorite project ideas, with the top vote receiving proposals being funded.

To learn more, visit the Participatory Budgeting in NYC homepage. To follow the process from beginning to end, take a look at our past posts.

Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Originally from Los Angeles, Ryan is a relatively new but very proud resident of Greenpoint. He was drawn to Greenpoint by the strong sense of community and history of local activism. Ryan can be found at North Brooklyn Farms, the urban farm at the Domino Sugar Factory, which he co-founded or working in the 61 Franklin Street Community Garden.