Update: Status of Parks Repairs/Projects in North Brooklyn

by Trina McKeever on

At the February 4th meeting of the Open Space Alliance Community Committee, Kurt Cavanaugh, OSA’s Deputy Director, provided updates from OSA and NYC Parks on the status of ongoing projects and their progress:

© 2013 Ryan Watson. Construction on McCarren Park pathway. Used with permission.

  • Bushwick Inlet Park – the Parks building is still on track to completed construction by the end of March. Currently installing lighting, sheetrock, electric, etc.
  • Transmitter Park – Pier construction to be complete by the end of February. Currently installing railings and aim to be open to public shortly after construction completion.
  • Rodney Playground – Expect to be completed by the end of spring. Installing concrete pavers and fixing fencing damaged by Sandy.
  • McCarren Park – Paths currently being rebuilt and are on schedule to be complete by early summer. There have been delays because of the extreme cold temperatures and need weather to be >40 degrees before laying asphalt. Councilman Levin later gave brief update, including announcing that the paths will be 2-4 feet narrower; he encouraged feedback and is working on getting signage explaining what work is being done.
  • Cooper Park – working to complete master plan by June 15, assigned extra designers to stay on schedule, in part because of advocacy from CM Reyna’s office.
  • McCarren Field Lights – fallen light to be removed by baseball season. Emergency contract in place to fortify the existing lighting banks. Work to commence right away.

Trina McKeever

Trina is the co-chairperson of the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, a community group that supports a 28-acre waterfront park explicitly promised to the community in the 2005 Greenpoint/Williamsburg Rezoning and whose failure to materialize has become the catalyst for the Where’s My Park? coalition, of which Trina is also a member. She is the mother of three school age boys, and she and her husband Rob McKeever have been Oak Street homeowners since 1989. For more than 20 years, she has managed the affairs of the sculptor Richard Serra, also a Greenpoint property owner, coordinating the fabrication and installation of his works worldwide.