The Newtown Creek Speaks

by Ryan Watson on

Newtown Creek Alliance Creek Speak. Daniel Himbinder.

Ever sit along the Newtown Creek and think about all the people that have lived along and used this vital tributary waterway over the years? Well, fortunately Creek Speak, an interactive project of the Newtown Creek Alliance, provides a dynamic account that captures the oral history of the people and places of the creek. Participants detail their intimate knowledge of the environmental hazards that they’ve encountered over the years and the impact that its had on their lives and the lives of their neighbors around them. From lifelong resident and community activist Laura Hoffman to former NYPD detective Tom Stagg’s account of thirty-eight cancer cases on one block, the stories are compelling and dynamic.

You can contribute your story to the community by using the interactive Habitatmap, listen to the audio accounts of local residents or take a look at the Creek Speak’s Final Report. As recognition of the troubled environmental history of the Newtown Creek raises around the city, listen to the stories told by local residents who know it best.

Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Originally from Los Angeles, Ryan is a relatively new but very proud resident of Greenpoint. He was drawn to Greenpoint by the strong sense of community and history of local activism. Ryan can be found at North Brooklyn Farms, the urban farm at the Domino Sugar Factory, which he co-founded or working in the 61 Franklin Street Community Garden.