Inside the Domino Sugar Factory

by GWAPP on

Last October, the massive Domino Sugar Factory complex was purchased by the developer Two Trees Management for $185 million. Two Trees maintains that there is “tremendous potential to re-connect this long-dormant waterfront site to the rest of this vibrant neighborhood, bringing additional housing, jobs, open space and neighborhood amenities with it.” Along those lines, Two Trees is taking proposals from the community for creative ideas on how to use one of their vacant lots. But before the development begins, take a peek inside this colossal abandoned space along the Williamsburg waterfront.

Domino Sugar Rush – exploring Williamsburg’s sweetest decay from 2e. on Vimeo.



The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning, Inc. ("GWAPP") is a not-for-profit group, 501(c)(3), comprised of individuals, community organizations, religious institutions, and concerned citizens from the Greenpoint-Williamsburg communities dedicated to the development of parks and public access on the Greenpoint waterfront.
  • David Allison commented:

    GWAPP has done a great job in representing the community with regard to development to this point. But seeing the plans for those high-rises makes me upset that the incoming thousands will be changing the face of the community in a radical way. Manhattan Ave. shops won’t survive, rents in general will dramatically rise and in time, the old buildings will be gone to be replaced by the glass housing already appearing around MacCarron Park.

    I did like seeing inside of the sugar factory. Most of America has a connection to that factory.


  • Heather Van De Mark

    Heather Van De Mark commented:

    You bring up a really interesting point about the future of the neighborhood. It may be a really interesting open forum for the community to have. I think it’s fair to say that regardless if you’ve been living here for 30 years or two years, we all want to see Greenpoint thrive. It just comes down to how do we all define “thrive”?