Community Board 1 Has A New Website

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Have you been looking for the latest presentation of the Brooklyn Greenway or trying to find the dates of an upcoming parks committee meeting (well, you can always turn to our events calendar) so you can get approval for that relay race your throwing? The website for Community Board 1 has moved.

See it for yourself! Visit the new Community Board 1 website to read about what’s happening with local politics in the neighborhood.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Community Board, CB1 is “made up of a group of volunteers (no more than 50 persons) who live, work or have other interests in the area plus the City Council Members serving any part of the area. Like a town hall, public meetings of CB#1 are the place where interested citizens discuss community issues, monitor government performance, and advise city agencies on neighborhood matters.”

For more information on the Community Board system, check out “Community Boards Explained”



The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning, Inc. ("GWAPP") is a not-for-profit group, 501(c)(3), comprised of individuals, community organizations, religious institutions, and concerned citizens from the Greenpoint-Williamsburg communities dedicated to the development of parks and public access on the Greenpoint waterfront.
  • michael caruso commented:

    im looking to contact my local community board about a speed reducer petition .



    GWAPP commented:

    Thanks for your comment, Michael. Here’s the information for Brooklyn’s Community Board 1

    Brooklyn Community Board 1
    435 Graham Avenue,
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
    Phone: 718-389-0009
    Fax: 718-389-0098


  • David Paz Sr commented:

    could this be passed onto the appropriate agency?I would like to ask you to look into the massive congestion along Meeker Ave from Humbolt Street up to the ramp to get onto the BQE at Vandervoort ave.During most rush hours all the cross streets are blocked with cars traveling along meeker ave and blocking intersections all along the way. Could the intersections be painted with the large don’t block the box that I see in many manhattan intersections.The problem is really going East along meeker ave but also happens westbound too from Apollo street to McGuiness Blvd.Try driving East bound on Meeker ave at 5pm on Friday or try to get across Meeker ave from any side streets,its impossible.


  • Nancy v commented:

    In your minutes you state about latch box kids what about the middle class that can’t stay in greenpoint stop with references only to the lesser the middle class are forced out so they have to go to different areas just like when you buy a house you either have the money or not a neighborhood progresses and not everyone can hang on there that what it is survival of the fittest that how it is and always will be


    • Heather Van De Mark

      Heather Van De Mark commented:

      > Hi Nancy, I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to? You refer to minutes, so I think you might mean the CB1 minutes — in which case, you should direct your comments directly to them at Hope that helps!


  • Marcy commented:

    Hello. Being part of the Greenpoint community I am curious if there is a way to request an extra bus service that would run through McGuiness Blvd to Long Island City/Astoria (trains 7,E,M, N, Q etc). Current B62 and B32 don’t run often enough and are always so packed. In addition, people from all sides of Greenpoint have to go to Manhattan Ave to get B62 which then makes local stops and is very slow. By speaking with many people in the neighborhood, i know that having that extra service, that would make two major stops on McGuiness Blvd (Nassau and Greenpoint) and went straight to LIC, would be extremely helpful to a lot of people in Greenpoint. The neighborhood is growing very quickly and there will be more and more people living there and one B62 bus is not enough. Lets help each other and together do something about it! 🙂 Best..