Become a Participatory Budgeting Delegate

by GWAPP on

Interested in taking part in how $1 million of the city budget is spent? Become a delegate in the Participatory Budgeting process and help guide community ideas to fruition. The first step was the Neighborhood Assembly meeting, which you can read more about here. The next step involves community members volunteering as budget delegates to help develop the 253 suggested ideas into full proposals. In spring, these developed proposals will then be voted upon by the community to determine which ideas will be implemented and funded.

Check out this email below from Steve Levin Councilmember staff member Lisa Bloodgood for more details about the process:

“We have now classified all of the 253 ideas originated in the Neighborhood Assemblies, into roughly 8 different committees. We are continuing to work to further refine and perfect our committees, but as we now stand these committees are:

Comittees Sample Projects
Public Housing
  • Replace doors and locks at the projects
  • Install Intercoms
  • More lighting and security cameras in the buildings
Schools and Libraries
  • Computers and SMART Boards for Classrooms
  • Brooklyn Public Library Upgrade
  • School renovations
  • Dog Parks
  • More lighting on the parks
  • Park upgrade
  • Open a community garden
  • Urban farms and greenhouse
Streets and Transportation
  • Benches on commercial streets
  • Street Lighting
  • Lighting and beautification of underpass
  • Bike/Pedestrian path
  • Speed Detectors
  • Elevator and more entrances on subway station
  • Free Wi-Fi in neighborhoods
  • Youth Sport Center
  • Skate Park repair
  • Bike circle for children
  • Conflict Resolution Center
  • Upgrade Tourist Center near Brooklyn Bridge
Health and Food Access
  • Mobile Markets
  • Meal-On-Wheels for Seniors
  • Renovate/Upgrade low income medical clinic
  • Farmers Market

There may have an “other” committee but that is currently to be determined.

Participatory Budgeting Delegates will be responsible for and you’ll have the opportunity to chose the committee you would like to be a part of.

Securing and empowering the districts’ Budget Delegates is a crucial step in the Project’s process. Our Delegates ensure all the ideas submitted are taken into consideration, validated and developed according to the likelihood of implementation. We are counting on you to make this Budget Process happen, we can’t do it without you!”

The orientation meeting for budget delegates, originally scheduled for this evening but which was postponed because of Hurricane Sandy, but has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 15, 6:30pm at Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201). For more information, take a look at the in-depth guide for participatory budgeting delegates or email with any questions.



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