Sighting: Excuse Me, Is That Your Parking Space?

by Trina McKeever on

I learned this morning that the enormous barge/crane rig that has been anchored between the India Street/East River Ferry and the Greenpoint Avenue/Transmitter Park piers since last Friday is actually just parking. The rig belongs to a crew securing the East River Manhattan shoreline and is parked in Greenpoint for security reasons while the UN is in session–to return to the other side of the river once the politicians and international dignitaries return to their homelands, which may be as late as December, when the scheduled UN General Assembly plenary and related meetings wrap up.

Note: This information comes from Luis, the security guard who works on the India Street pier.

© 2012 Trina McKeever. Used with permission.

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Trina McKeever

Trina is the co-chairperson of the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, a community group that supports a 28-acre waterfront park explicitly promised to the community in the 2005 Greenpoint/Williamsburg Rezoning and whose failure to materialize has become the catalyst for the Where’s My Park? coalition, of which Trina is also a member. She is the mother of three school age boys, and she and her husband Rob McKeever have been Oak Street homeowners since 1989. For more than 20 years, she has managed the affairs of the sculptor Richard Serra, also a Greenpoint property owner, coordinating the fabrication and installation of his works worldwide.
  • Adam Perlmutter commented:

    Thanks Trina! As someone else who was also wondering, “What the nautical monstrosity is that doing here?”, I am grateful for your post. I imagine that we will be seeing our own fair share of crane and other working barges though as the waterfront develops.